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26 Jan 2022
Egyptian Exchange

Pro 10 Plus

next generation investordesktop
now supports Mac OS X system in addition to windows.

  • multi asset class and multi markets
  • windows and mac compatible
  • global workspace management
  • content, fundamental data and analytics

DFN Pro 10 Plus is designed keeping active investors in mind. It offers a flexible framework to view information and do analysis the way you want. DFN Pro 10 Plus contains advanced features and analytical tools that will satisfy the most sophisticated investor.

DFN Pro 10 Plus is built using next generation Java technology providing a crispier frontend and greatly enhanced performance. DFN Pro 10 Plus includes all the features of Pro 9, Pro 10 and host of new features, functionality and content.

DFN Pro 10 Plus is a new generation investor desktop replacing the legendary Mubasher Pro 9 platform that served smart investors in the Middle East and Asia for over a decade and enhanced wealth management in these regions. DFN Pro 10 Plus is built using state of the art next generation technology. DFN Pro 10 Plus comes with a crispier look and feel that has enhanced user friendliness while improving data coverage and performance to investors. DFN Pro 10 Plus includes all the features of Pro 9, Pro 10 and a host of new features, functionality and content that makes it a superior choice as an investment tool. DFN Pro 10 Plus comes bundled with Market Overview, Description pages, Easy Navigator and Customizable Workspaces that enhance the user experience of our landmark Pro 9 investor community closer to regional and global competitive edge .

DFN Pro 10 Plus now supports Apple Mac OS system in addition to Windows.

Key Features:
Easy installation from the web and the auto update facility.
  • time market data, news, charts and corporate actions.
  • Supports Windows and Mac platforms.
  • Supports many data sources globally and regionally.
  • Coverage of multiple asset classes including equity, ETFs, funds, derivative, commodities, fixed income & Forex.
  • Macroeconomic data, company financial statements, ratios, insider trades.
  • Advanced analytical tools for different asset classes.
  • Easy to use user defined workspaces with access to from any computer.
  • Personalized Watch Lists and Conditional Watch Lists.
  • Advanced charting including over 100 built technical indicators and large number of pre-defined strategies and patterns
  • Built in easy language to build indicators, strategies and patterns.
A few of the major features and functions of Chart are:
  • Indicators including Oscillators, Momentum, Volume, and Volatility Indicators, etc. Double-click on a chart and select one or more indicators to be inserted.
  • A wide range of Trading Patterns (Hammer, Doji, Morning Star etc.) to help in predicting future trends.
  • The Custom Indicator Builder, which incorporates its own high-level language enabling the creation of personalized Indicators/Patterns/Strategies.
  • Enhanced Technical Analysis which can be done Offline.
  • Line Studies, including Fibonacci Tools, Gann Tools, Trend Lines, Regression Lines and Price Channels, with customizable parameters
  • Price Lines/Tags on Chart with Current Day values for the selected symbol:
    • Current Price Line
    • Order Lines (Buy Pending, Buy Settled, Sell Pending, Sell Settled, Stop loss and Take Profit lines)
    • Best Bid and Best Ask tags
    • Min/Max Price lines
    • Resistance and Support Lines
  • Semi Log Scale - This sets the Y axis (Price axis) on a logarithmic scale enabling comparison of symbols with different quantitative changes on the same base level, thereby allowing easy analysis of price trends.
  • Smart Zooming and Panning options to give a view of what has happened, by specifying the interval to be analyzed.
  • Volume by Price to analyze the cash in and cash out variations of price movements, to clearly identify price points that are vulnerable to more buy and selling pressure.
  • Chart Template - Chart has pre-defined Indicator Templates in addition to custom templates which can be created and saved for future use.
  • Tabular Indicator Properties facilitates changing the data interval and time periods of Chart Indicator columns of Market Watch and Watch List windows.
  • Several drill-down techniques such as Dynamic Horizontal Lines to display price values and Dynamic Vertical Lines to display time values on a chart. The values displayed will change dynamically as the investor moves the lines along / across the chart.
  • Ability to add Graphical Elements, and the option to save charts and all added elements for later use.
  • All Announcements made by companies can be indicated on the charts and can be viewed via the charts themselves.
  • All tools in Chart are easily accessible via the Drawing Tool Palette
Terms & Conditions:

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Market Coverage of DirectFN™ Pro 10 Plus

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Minimum System Pre-Requisites:

  • CPU: 2.0 GHz Dual or Core 2 Due
  • Free hard disk space: 1GB
  • Internet connection: ADSL 512 kbps
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
  • RAM: 2 GB for Windows 2000, Windows 2003 or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (4 GB or higher if you are running Windows 7, Mac OS 10.7 or higher)

Recommended System Pre-Requisites:

  • CPU: 2.0 GHz core i3
  • Internet connection: ADSL 1M