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26 Jan 2022
Egyptian Exchange

Pro 9

ultimate investment tool to make profitable investment decisions.

  • Multi Markets
  • Free Value Added Services(vAS)
  • Multilingual Interfac
  • Usability features
  • Prochart has been enhanced

Pro, the pinnacle of the DirectFN financial suite appeals to seasoned investors who want to stay connected to the capital market and trade from their homes. Optimized to deliver financial market information to customers, this luxury edition in the DirectFN product suite is the ultimate investment tool to make profitable investment decisions.

Key Features:
Easy installation from the web and the auto update facility.
  • time market data, news, charts and corporate actions.
  • Supports Windows, Mac & Linux platforms.
  • Supports over 35 regional and international data sources.
  • Coverage of multiple asset classes including equity, ETFs, funds, derivative, commodities, fixed income & Forex.
  • Macroeconomic data, company financial statements, ratios, insider trades.
  • Advanced analytical tools for different asset classes.
  • Easy to use user defined workspaces with access to from any computer.
  • Personalized Watch Lists and Conditional Watch Lists.
  • Advanced charting including over 100 built technical indicators and large number of pre-defined strategies and patterns
  • Built in easy language to build indicators, strategies and patterns.

Minimum System Pre-Requisites:

  • A 2GHz Dual Core or core 2 due Standard PC (core i3 recommended) with minimum 2 GB of RAM
  • Internet Explorer 11 or above installed.
  • 10/100 Network card if it is on a network or 512 kbps modem if it is a standalone PC. (1M recommended)
  • A standard monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 and color quality of 16 bit or higher.